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Type:Dynamic Speaker

Weight:Approx 7.0 Grams.

Magnet:Material         Nd-Fe-B

Impedance:150 ± 15%  Ohm    at 1000Hz. 1V

Power Rating:Normal 0.2W Maximum    0.5W

FO:510±20% Hz    

S.P.L.:92±3dB/0.2Watt 0.1Meter.   Average At1000,1200,1500,2000 Hz.

Frequency Range:300~20,000Hz.Average SPL-10dB. 

Distortion:10%  Maximum  At 1000Hz.0.2W.

Abnormal Sound Test:Must be Normal Tested by 5.48 Volts. Sine wave for50~5kHz

Polarity:Diaphragm Shall Move Forward When Apply a Positive DC. Red “+” or“ Marked” Terminal

Operating Temperature:-25 °C  to +65 °C

Storage Temperature:-25 °C  to +65 °C


Reliable Test

After any following test leave speakers at room temperature for 1 hour, SPL shall not deviate by * 3 db from initial value

Load Test:white  noise for 96 hours  at 0.2 W input power.

High Temperature Test:+85±2 °C  96hours 

Low Temperature  Test:-40±2 °C  96hours 

Humidity Test:+40±2 °C  relative humidity 90~95%R.H  96hours

Vibration Test:Frequency 30 * 15 Hz, Amplitude 1.5 mm for 2 Hours per axis(x. y. z axis)

Drop   Test:75 CM free falling on Concrete floor, 10 times.

Temperature Cycle test: 25? + 65 ?C   5 Cycles Temperature test.


Response Fig

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